Celebrating 20
years of Excellence

2019 marks 20 years since Ninestars was founded in 1999. This big milestones bring the question of what’s next and the answer lies in our determination to grow and go beyond comfort zones to achieve success at scale: new projects, new markets, new competence.


A note from the Founders

Dear All,

Ninestars had a humble start in 1999 as an e-publishing company. We didn’t settle for modest growth and were among the first few to move into and succeed in the fast evolving world of content digitization and later media monitoring. We were always particularly clear on not becoming an offshore body-shop. Instead, we differentiated through automation and delivery excellence. Powered by technology and talent, we developed pioneering solutions for customers and broke new grounds. Despite fierce competition, we won new engagements and some of the customers we gained then have remained with us, two decades later.

Looking back, we can now connect the dots of this incredible journey which completes 20 years today, on April 5. Congratulations!

We have never rested on our laurels though. You might have noticed the constant pursuit of ‘what’s next?’ We have reinvented ourselves many times over. When we found our first media monitoring customer in Australia, for instance, we had to shift our delivery model from project-critical to mission-critical. That was the beginning of how we disrupted the license-based services model in the media monitoring industry. We haven’t stopped innovating – from delivering digital clips every 30 minutes to near real-time; from digitization to enabling RoI through distribution; from desktop model to cloud to SaaS; from app development to full-service digital experience; and going beyond core into mobility, AI and Data Science. Finally, the transformation from a pure-play service provider to a content tech company. How have we managed to innovate and own the market?

By choosing to invest in R&D early on unlike peers. By being relevant to customers and solving their challenges with smart technology, deep domain expertise and clockwork delivery. By engaging great talent and building a culture of performance, innovation and teamwork. We can be proud of growing to a team of 1500+ worldwide, working with 150+ customers who are market leaders themselves, digitizing 1 billion pages of historic value, forging strategic partnerships, and most of all creating exceptional value at every step of the way. Let us celebrate the achievements but also learn from failures. Let us reflect on the past but also look forward. What matters most is, what we do next and what we do now.

On that note, we thank you for being part of this journey and contributing to its success. We count on your continued support and goodwill.

Here’s to another 20 fantastic years.

Best wishes,

Gopal Krishnan

(Founder & Chairman)

Gokul Krishnan

(Co-founder & Managing Director)