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Lead the change with technology


As libraries explore ways to connect to its audience and stay relevant, the need for tech-driven innovation has moved beyond utility.

It is increasingly about building richer engagement through diverse interfaces. As a content technology company offering bespoke services to libraries and archives, we understand the need for innovation as well as the challenge of integrating the right services at a time when digital shift is in progress. We’ve worked with several great libraries over the past two decades digitizing, meta-tagging, and indexing a cumulative of 87 million pages over our secure cloud-based platform.



Digitization and OCR Services

With our superior digitization and OCR services, we offer the preservation and enrichment of heritage-rich information through their transformation into digitally storable formats. We can work with any kind of material from rare and fragile manuscripts, to research materials, newspapers, heritage maps, books, video and audios, et al.


Metadata and Captioning

Indexing (subject and keyword). Integrating meta data as per industry standards (METS ALTO, MARC, Dublin Core). Digitizing records in multiple languages (Arabic, Chinese apart from English and European languages)


Archival & Retrieval

Ninestars offers secure, cloud-enabled data archives solution with quick search and retrieval option and scalable storage space.


Project Management

We have over 2 decades of experience handling large-scale digitization projects for libraries and archives and so we help you find the right strategy for your digital transformation.


Proven track record

2 decades of digitization expertise

Industry expertise

Digitization for top 4 libraries

Focus on innovation

6 patents filed

World Class Alliances

Partnered with several leading global newspapers for their digital journey

Global reach

Digitization partner for top 6 content aggregators

Strong Service Portfolio

500 million historical newspaper pages digitized

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