Information Services & Publishing


Unleash total capabilities of your business and make it more efficient and productive.


In a world awash with data, the demand for interactive, any time, anywhere, content is at all time high.

To keep up with the hypercompetitive market, publishing, and information services companies need to transform their business models by adopting digital technologies. Ninestars has over 2 decades of solid experience in creating digital solutions for content-intensive industries. Our services can help unleash and uncover the complete capabilities of your business, making it more efficient, collaborative, and productive.



Digitization and OCR Services

With our superior digitization and OCR services, we offer the preservation and enrichment of heritage-rich information through their transformation into digitally storable formats. We can work with any kind of material from rare and fragile manuscripts, to research materials, newspapers, heritage maps, books, video and audios, et al.


Web and Portal Development

Ninestars provides full-cycle web portal design and development services. Our seasoned portal developers are able to deliver portals of any size.


Custom CMS

We create, design, and deploy customized CMS as per your business requirements.


Document Management system

Store, sync, organize and manage all your documents in one place with our Digitization specific document management (DMS) solution.


Focus on innovation

High levels of automation and accuracy

Strong Service Portfolio

Delivery of up to 100,000 pages a day

Committed to Quality

Intelligent, mission-aligned metadata generation & auto-classification

Global know-how

Extended language capabilities across a number of languages

Client-Centered Approach

Access to live dashboards, custom reports, and categorized streams of content

Faster response time

Super fast publication time

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