Media Monitoring Services


A robust media-monitoring services to cut through the noise and help you listen to what the world is talking about.


The impact of content delivery on decision-making is nowhere more apparent than in the world of media monitoring and analysis.

Every day, millions of news articles are processed and mapped to specific keywords provided by customers and added to an ever-growing database. This data, the big data of content intelligence, is further analyzed by our customers and delivered in the form of reports. Ninestars uses technology-driven processes for digitally scanning and clipping relevant content and tagging them into easily discoverable categories.



Print Media

Print monitoring hinges on fast, accurate clipping without any compromise on time, accuracy, or volume. Ninestars clipping services offer greater level of automation and accuracy with delivery of up to 100,000 pages a day. Get access to live dashboards and custom reports with 100% data security.



Ninestars offers best-in-class custom content and image matching solution with its multi-threaded, clustering algorithm that can handle voluminous data. It has an inbuilt workflow that assimilates images and other content feeds, normalizes and corrects, matches and cluster them and generates reports.


Online Media

At Ninestars, we understand that to unleash the potential of web content, the information has to be made easy to find and delivered at the right time. Get real-time monitoring and know what's brewing on the web with our custom Content & Advert monitoring solutions.


Social Media

As your digital partner, Ninestars enables you to strengthen social media engagement and connect with patrons more meaningfully by analyzing and measuring trends, identifying key influencers, online reputation management and with periodic social media audit.


Quality processes

High levels of automation and accuracy

Industry expertise

Delivery of up to 100,000 pages a day

Strong Service Portfolio

Extended language capabilities across a number of languages


Access to live dashboards, custom reports, and categorized streams of content

Committed to Quality

Intelligent, mission-aligned metadata generation & auto-classification

Focus on innovation

Cloud-based delivery platform which can be integrated with customer’s current infrastructure

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