Government and Public Sector


we offer radical, smart sustainable solutions for Government agencies & Public sector to help them drive transformational change.


In the continually changing economic and social environment, policy makers from government and public sectors are expected to operate at a rapid and breakneck scale.

However, the scrutiny and the inherent risk aversion are some of the roadblocks that deter the government and public sectors to take risks in innovation. Combining our domestic and global expertise, we offer radical, smart sustainable solutions for our clients to help them drive transformational change. We know that disruption is the zeitgeist of the 21st century and for any government to serve public in the most efficient way need to undergo a digital transformation.



Digitization and OCR Services

With our superior digitization and OCR services, we offer the preservation and enrichment of heritage-rich information through their transformation into digitally storable formats. We can work with any kind of material from rare and fragile manuscripts, to research materials, newspapers, heritage maps, books, video and audios, et al.


Content Augmentation

With world-class cloud enabled OCR capabilities, we can capture data from nearly any kinds of source materials and enhance them with meta-data and other relevant specifications.


Web and Portal Development

Ninestars provides full-cycle web portal design and development services. Our seasoned portal developers are able to deliver portals of any size.


CAF Records management

Ninestars provides an end to end solutions for CAF Management including reports, drawings, memos, invoices, purchase orders, records etc.


Proven track record

2 decades of solid digitization expertise

Strong Service Portfolio

500 million historical newspaper pages digitized

Committed to Quality

OCR processing – with 99.95% accuracy

World Class Alliances

Partnered with several global Government agencies for their digital journey

Focus on innovation

6 Patents filed

Strong Service Portfolio

Expertise in 17 languages

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