Drive the next wave of discoverability

Preserved archives or born digital documents, the challenge is in making relevant content across formats and media, easy to find. We have your priorities covered from metadata to machine learning.

Drive the next wave of decisions

We have built a spectrum of analytical micro services that contextually connect data to decisions. We deliver insights that are not just smarter but faster than held possible before.

Drive the next wave of delight

What makes a digital experience delightful? Being relevant, thoughtful and at times surprising. Turn a page on content and commerce with our bespoke digital experience solutions.

Discoverability. Decisions. Delight.

You are one step closer to your vision with every digital step forward. Transform to lead.


Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Capturing valuable data from paper or image-based documents is manual, error-prone and inefficient. Aotm, Ninestars’ AI-enabled data extraction platform, saves you time and money with an unparalleled accuracy rate of 99.9% and above. Know more

Ninestars Platforms

We’ve got the deep expertise, market-ready solutions and innovative vision to unlock phenomenal digital possibilities for you.

Content Transformation

With two decades of experience and cross-capability industry experts we help our clients pilot and adopt new technologies

Content Intelligence

We help you connect the dots and reinvigorate your business with actionable insights.

Content Experience

Creating on-brand digital products to drive growth and engagement for businesses across the world.

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Continuous Innovation

We continue to redefine ourselves and set the bar higher to deliver quality through research, incubation, prototyping and constant innovation.


Sparking Actions And Ideas

We identify issues that embody the challenges facing our clients, and create technology solutions to solve them.


Setting New Standards

We have a strong relationship with our business partners and understand their product roadmaps well enough to help recommend the right solutions to drive our clients’ transformation agenda.


Boundless Drive

We focus on developing significant intellectual property (IP) to create new and differentiated products, platforms, solutions, and services that are customized to suit the needs of various industries.


True Tacit Knowledge

Knowing our partners and their technology inside-out, we can rapidly tailor solutions to meet clients’ specific needs


Unleashing The Power Of Us

We have a large portfolio of clients having extensive relationships with the world’s leading companies and government, all over the world.

Trusted by the world’s best

We harness the power of hyper-automation, analytics and emerging technologies to drive lasting value for our clients.


Half a billion clips and counting

We are thrilled to share with you that our journey in serving the media monitoring industry has crossed a phenomenal milestone. Media clipping services, powered by advanced tech and delivered with precision by our expert team, crossed half a billion mark in volume of clips delivered till date. We thank our customers across the world for their trust in our ability to perform mission-critical processes at scale.


Living our core values in different ways

Two decades in digital content transformation for us sums up in two words: transformation and scale. From digitally preserving invaluable archives for posterity to building actionable insights near real-time from an omni-channel data pipeline, we are constantly pushing the digital frontier for our customers.

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Clients Speak

This is why we do, what we do.

Mario-Robert Daigle

Head of Content and Product Management, NLA Media Access

I just wanted to say how impressed and thankful we are for all the extra work carried out over the past couple of nights. We know that a sudden increase in content during an already busy shift can have a major impact on your workload and ability to complete on time. The fact that you have been able to manage this so efficiently speaks volumes for your dedication and commitment. Please pass on my appreciation to the whole team.


Raina Lazarova

COO at Rue Point Media

Ninestars has been a trusted partner of ours from the early days of our business. As a provider of business critical services, they have played an important role in our ability to meet ever-increasing customer expectations. Each time I start a new project, I know that they are going to be my first port of call.


Neil Duffy

Production Team Leader, Kantar Media

Well done to you and all the team. That performance makes for great reading. Thanks for all of your hard work. It’s very much appreciated by us here. ,


Søren Clausen

Chief Product Innovation Officer, Infomedia

Ninestars has for a long time been an essential partner to us. Their high service levels is one of the reasons, why Infomedia have been able to maintain and develop our position, as a premium quality supplier of media monitoring services in the Scandinavian markets.


Cathy Pilgrim

Director of Australian Newspapers Digitisation.

Thank you to the Ninestars team for working with us on this Order which had very specific requirements. We particularly appreciate your flexibility and your overall contribution to the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program.


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