Intelligent Document Processing

Empower your organization with access to insights from your business documents and processes through our proprietary IDP technology solution.


Transform your documents data into actionable insights with our intelligent data processing solution


Our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software captures data from documents, categorizes, and extracts relevant data for further processing using AI technologies such as computer vision, OCR, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine/deep learning. Our IDP solution is completely non-invasive and can be integrated with internal applications, systems, and other automation platforms.



Performs image pre-processing to increase the quality of the scanned document and uses OCR/computer vision technology to capture data.


Indexes & classifies the documents into categories using text mining & ML/DL capabilities


Extracts relevant data leveraging NLP and ML/DL capabilities for further processing


Validates the extracted data with the help of pre-defined taxonomies, data dictionary, and business validation rules


Reduced cost

Reduce the overall cost of processing huge volumes of data

Contextual Data Analytics

Out-of-the-box analytics dashboard to track software performance such as accuracy and time for data extraction


Our turnkey solution is highly customizable to solve specific business challenges.

Processing large data set

IDP processes significant volume of content for actionable insights

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This is why we do, what we do.

Mario-Robert Daigle

Head of Content and Product Management, NLA Media Access

I just wanted to say how impressed and thankful we are for all the extra work carried out over the past couple of nights. We know that a sudden increase in content during an already busy shift can have a major impact on your workload and ability to complete on time. The fact that you have been able to manage this so efficiently speaks volumes for your dedication and commitment. Please pass on my appreciation to the whole team.


Raina Lazarova

COO at Rue Point Media

Ninestars has been a trusted partner of ours from the early days of our business. As a provider of business critical services, they have played an important role in our ability to meet ever-increasing customer expectations. Each time I start a new project, I know that they are going to be my first port of call.


Neil Duffy

Production Team Leader, Kantar Media

Well done to you and all the team. That performance makes for great reading. Thanks for all of your hard work. It’s very much appreciated by us here. ,


Søren Clausen

Chief Product Innovation Officer, Infomedia

Ninestars has for a long time been an essential partner to us. Their high service levels is one of the reasons, why Infomedia have been able to maintain and develop our position, as a premium quality supplier of media monitoring services in the Scandinavian markets.


Cathy Pilgrim

Director of Australian Newspapers Digitisation.

Thank you to the Ninestars team for working with us on this Order which had very specific requirements. We particularly appreciate your flexibility and your overall contribution to the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program.


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