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Discover Contanta, an innovative content transformation technology platform.




Ninestars OCR+ solution extracts high quality text content from scanned documents using an enhanced imaging process.

Our proprietary image processing algorithms, matured over several large-scale digitization projects, power the OCR+ solution. There are several specific processes introduced in the workflow to optimize effort and reduce manual intervention. For instance, OCR+ deskews scanned material and restores original borders of the document by auto cropping typical black borders around scanned documents. Further, an inbuilt image QC process identifies blurred images which enhances content quality and saves time later in the process.

Ninestars OCR+ solution offers a great degree of customization. Based on the document metadata template, OCR process can be applied to specific metadata fields to yield high quality text output. To further minimize manual effort, metadata field-based validations can be applied on the scanned document, such as signature verification and custom content validations.

Ninestars OCR+ solution can be integrated with current workflows within the customer’s tech infrastructure or hosted on cloud.


Discover Contanta, an innovative content transformation technology platform.

  • Workflow Manager

  • Transformation Engine

  • Archive and Security Manager

  • Integration Manager

Workflow Manager

Our automated workflow manager is an enterprise application tool, which is the easiest way to streamline and standardize the business processes. Customizable and intelligent, this workflow manager is all you need to run and manage all your digitization processes.

Transformation Engine

Our Transformation Engine offer greater level of automation and accuracy with delivery of up to 250,000 pages a day.

Archive and Security Manager

Ninestars offers cloud-enabled, archival manager for secure, fast, durable archival and storage solution with quick search and retrieval option.

Integration Manager

With our custom Integration Manager, get full control over your system. Regardless of platform, this specialized tool offers smart monitoring with full transparency and data logging.



Discover Contanta, an innovative content transformation technology platform.


Government & Public Sector

Contanta helps government agencies harness the power of digital technologies through digitization and content transformation technologies aiding them to improve efficiency and offer frictionless user experiences to its citizens.


Information Services & Publishing

Contanta offers digital preservation services to Publishers, Education and Information sectors.


Libraries & Archives

Contanta helps libraries and archives organizations embrace digital transformation and pivot to digitally inclusive world class-system through digitization and other allied content transformation technologies.



Contanta helps in creating a digital ecosystem for Enterprises leading them to eliminate time waste by introducing wider access to data while also opening up new avenues for catalyzing growth.


Banking, Financial & Insurance Services

Contanta offers a wide array of digitization and content transformation solutions to BFSI industry including digitization, Cross-platform information processing services, mobile solutions, application modernization and digital transformation strategy.


Discover Contanta, an innovative content transformation technology platform.