Ninestars Art

This specific online space is developed for our artistically inclined employees, and it will serve as a unique cultural platform for our Ninestars artists to showcase their talents.

Abhishek. A

- Abhishek works as a Graphic Designer in our Bangalore office. Abhishek's style merges a storytelling impulse with semi-abstract art. Incorporating elements of repetition, texture, stillness, and rhythm in his artworks, Abhishek is inspired by his favorite artists Salvador Dali, Paul Gauguin, M F Hussain, and S H Raza.

Maria Davidova

- Maria is a Kirigami artist who works with our Bulgaria team in Sofia. The term kirigami is derived from two Japanese words: kiru (to cut) and kami (paper). Like traditional origami, kirigami is created from a single sheet of paper and incorporates folds however the major difference is that in origami, the paper is folded whereas in kirigami, paper is cut and folded.

P.Hemanth Swami

- Hemanth works in ABP project in Kolkata. His art includes wate colour painting with a touch of Modernism. With his paintings, he tries to combine the elements in such a way to create harmony

Vincent Xavier S

- Vincent works in the JSTOR Journal team in Chennai and dabbles with portrait paintings with an intent to represent a specific human subject.

Lakshmi M

- Lakshmi heads the Communications department from Bangalore office and uses a variety of different methods and mediums to create detailed mandalas.

Deepali Prabhu

- Deepali has been painting since she was a kid. Painting with acrylics, watercolors, pastels and mixed mediums allow her to create vibrant and aesthetically pleasing effects.

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