Archive Digitization

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Cultural institutions like museums, archives, and historical societies house remarkable collections of cultural artifacts and documents recording important historical events of great significance. Digitization works as a valuable solution to make these rare, precious and fragile material accessible to the wider audience and making them as searchable and accessible as possible through the Web. With our ‘all-in-one’ solution for Digitization, we help organizations digitize their archives using OCR and deep learning. Whether it is a physical extremely fragile object or an analogue item, we work along the entire value chain from the project assessment and evaluation to the long term management of metadata or images for the entire digital transformation journey.


Audio/Video Digitalization

AR/VR Solutions

3D Digitalization

App Development

Bespoke Software Development


  • Leading provider of end-to-end 360 digital content solutions
  • IP based Customized solutions
  • All production workflows/tools for digitization are developed in-house
  • We deliver predictability in terms scale and speed to achieve on-time delivery
  • Trusted outsourcing partner to large corporations such as Google, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and ProQuest
  • Pioneered non-linear, transaction model in outsourcing; clients see us as a strategic partner and not just a vendor
  • Experienced and quality-driven team with domain experts.


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