Ninestars is proud to be a digitization partner of Trove (through NLA)

Chennai, India, – January 31, 2018 – Trove is an online search platform that helps find and use resources relating to Australia. It is collaboration between the National Library, Australia’s State and Territory libraries, and research institutions around Australia.

Trove’s origins can be traced back to a project launched by the National Library of Australia in August 2008 aimed to build a portal for all of the Library’s online discovery services. As a partner of National Library of Australia, Ninestars was instrumental in contributing more than 10 million pages of digitized Newspaper to Trove platform. Apart from English content, Ninestars also digitized the Australian Chinese Newspaper, a maiden attempt by NLA which was a huge success prompting NLA to go for more Chinese content digitization.

“It’s amazing the volume of work we have accomplished together, and it’s an absolute pleasure working with you,” stated Wan Wong, Director of National Library of Australia, ANDP project about Ninestars ’s contribution.

About Ninestars

Founded in 1999, Ninestars is an IP-driven Digital transformation industry leader. Ninestars helps Media, Publishing, Communication & PR, Government, BFSI and Publishing industries to redefine consumer experiences, strengthen their digital core, embrace digital transformation, and realize the full potential of their content. With over 18 years in the industry, Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been instrumental in revolutionizing the media industry with innovative projects in newspaper archive digitization and contributing to the digital transformation journey of more than 150 organizations worldwide. Ninestars partner with some of the most effective organizations in the world like ProQuest, IBM, Jastec, IISc, Abbyy, Hewlett Packard, Quark and Adobe InDesign to help achieve their shared values.

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