Ninestars Services GmbH

Ninestars Newbase is a cloud-based web-clipping platform offering real-time clippings tools, insights and solutions for media companies, public institutions, enterprises and government agencies.


Portal Service

Our bespoke in-house portal services give users an interactive platform to keep track of their brands. With a 24/7 online real-time monitoring dashboard, we enable our clients to plan, track, access, view and interact with their data. We allow our clients to track metrics with alerts, filters, segments and trends with just a single-click.

Scraping Service

NEWBASE iSpider web scraping solution offers clean data from online magazines, blogs, forums and internet articles without any technical hassles from your end. Enjoy enterprise grade high-quality structured data in your desired format and delivery mode.

Analytics Service

Ninestars Newbase offers a comprehensive set of data analytics services to unlock the true potential of your data. Harness the full potential of your unstructured data and convert them into actionable insights with our AI-powered analytics solution.


As one of the oldest and finest names in the industry, we offer leading-edge digitization services. Our hallmark is our personalized solution including both pure-play digitization and conversion to new age formats. From analog to digital, the services span from scanning and data entry to advanced OCR with 99.995% accuracy, indexing, and meta-tag integration in both English and Non-English languages. Having digitized over 400 million pages, we understand the intricacies of digitization including fragile and rare items. Our state-of-the-art technology can convert any form of data from a variety of source into specific digital formats and allows us to provide turnkey solutions. Our homegrown products and services are fully integrated and versatile to take the business requirements from archive digitization to current content delivery across web and mobile. Ninestars’ domain expertise and homegrown tools provide a superior degree of automation and customization, helping us addresses a diverse set of specifications and industry standards without any compromise on the scale.


Newbase GmbH was renamed Ninestars Services GmbH following an acquisition by Ninestars Information Technologies in 2016. Newbase is a B2C customized software for in-house monitoring and clipping. It allows our clients to gain unique insights from a comprehensive set data that leads to deep insights and informed business decisions. Newbase services range from an efficient online news clipping service to an enterprise-level blog monitoring and analysis solution. Newbase utilizes AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to monitor conversations relevant to our clients. Covering all facets of communication from print, broadcast to online, Newbase makes sure you never miss an important conversation.