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Pioneering digital innovation, Ninestars excels in creating, extracting, and delivering content across diverse formats, ensuring lasting preservation.

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About Us

Ninestars Digitization: Source to Storage, Seamlessly

Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd. has been a part of the digital content shift since 1999, initiating milestone projects in newspaper digitization. Over the years, we have actively contributed to the digital transition initiatives of over 90 organizations worldwide. Our expertise extends to creating, extracting, and delivering digital content across various popular formats, from newspapers to journals, utilizing proprietary tools and workflows.

At Ninestars, we take pride in our long-standing reputation as one of the industry's oldest and most esteemed names, offering advanced digitization and imaging services to assist you in preserving and modernizing your valuable content. Utilizing our highly specialized solutions, we deliver customized services that encompass pure-play digitization and the transformation of materials into contemporary formats.

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Our Services

Digitizing Excellence, Preserving Legacies

Ninestars' leading digital solutions redefine content preservation with a commitment to excellence.

Historical Newspaper Digitization

Immerse yourself in the rich history captured within old newspapers. Our specialized services extend to the digitization of historical newspapers, preserving invaluable information for future generations.

360 Degree Digitization for Government & Enterprises

We understand the unique needs of government entities and enterprises. Our 3600 digitization services cater to the specific requirements of these sectors, ensuring seamless and efficient digitization processes.

Libraries Digitization

Enhance the accessibility of your library's resources through our digitization services. We help libraries transition to digital platforms, offering a user-friendly experience for patrons and researchers.

Enterprise Digitization – Archival & Storage

Safeguard your critical enterprise content with our archival and storage solutions. Our services ensure secure preservation, easy retrieval, and efficient management of your valuable information

Why Choose Us

The Digital Transformation Frontier

Ninestars, with a wealth of experience spanning decades, excels in meticulously planning and executing digitization projects to achieve seamless results. Our profound understanding of the intricacies inherent in each project ensures a comprehensive 360-degree digitization approach.

25 years in digital transformation
Tech and data driven
Global company with local expertise
Non-linear and outcome-driven

Steps to Seamless Digitization

Rigorous selection and deployment of suitable equipment tailored to the specific project requirements.

Implementation of a well-structured workflow, following industry-best practices to meet stringent project constraints and expectations.

Calibration of scanners to optimize precision and accuracy throughout the digitization process.

Expert handling of diverse inventory to ensure efficient and organized digitization processes.

Systematic creation of metadata to enhance organization and accessibility of digitized content.

Implementation of a three-level check approach, including completeness checks, sequence verification, and adherence to naming conventions, ensuring the reliability and quality of digitized assets.
Our Team

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

With an extensive cumulative experience exceeding 100 years, our accomplished team at Ninestars Germany stands at the forefront of diverse digitization projects. Harnessing decades of expertise, our professionals bring unparalleled knowledge and a proven track record to every endeavour. We are committed to delivering excellence, ensuring the successful execution of digitization projects with precision and innovation.

Gokul Venkatesa Perumal
Managing Director
Christian Heinisch
Project Manager
Matthias Härtel
Team Leader Scan Operations
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